Verdicchio dei castelli di Jesi classico

Production area : Hills of the castles of Jesi. 
Vine : 100% Verdicchio. 
Soil : clayey and silty with average slopes of 20%. 
Training system : Low espalier with Guyot pruning. 
Plants per hectare : around 5,000. 
Yield per plant : about 2.5 kg. 
Vinification : White with application of the reduction technique. It follows an aging of 3-4 months sur-lies before bottling. 
Alcohol content : 12.5% - 13.5% vol. variable with the vintage. 
PH : 3.3 - 3.4 variable with the vintage. 
Net dry extract : 22 - 24gr / lt variable with vintage. 
Color: Bright straw yellow. 
Bouquet : Quite intense with flavors of Golden apple, cedar and chlorophyll. 
Pairings : First courses with rich white sauces, San Pietro fish, fillets of sole butter, couscous of chicken and vegetables. 
Serving temperature : 12 ° C.